Using social media to market your business

With social media marketing gathering up the heat in the year 2018 more and more people are getting into it. And if you are the one, who wants to be the next social media marketing tycoon and get that huge 5 figure paying clients but don’t know how to start don’t worry I’ll guide you.

In this wonderful post, I’ll show you how to build a plan or strategy for your social media campaigns to get the best out of it. So, without wasting much of the time, let’s get started, fellas. 😀

Identify Your Goals, Persona & Audience

Before you even start your first campaign take a pen and paper and write down your goals and visualize what you want to achieve with it. You social goal should directly tie up with your business goals.

Like for example if you are running a fast food show, your ultimate goal is to drive more customers. For that, here your main objective is to drive more awareness.

After you are done figuring out your goals next, you need to create a Persona whom you are planning to target. Let’s say for a coffee show your target persona is 18-25 years old, loves to eat fast food, love to eat with friends, etc.

One you have your persona ready in place, gather your audience similar to the persona and start targeting them.

Identify the Best Social Network to Engage

Most of the people who start with social media marketing in a hurry, try to dominate all the social media platforms simultaneously. But the fact is, you need to first understand which social platform suits the best for your business. If your audience loves photos start with Instagram if you have a professional audience start with Linkedin. Figure your way out don’t just run like the majority of the people who end up doing nothing.

Not only by the audience, but you also need to figure out the content you’ll be posting. Like businesses cannot be found on Facebook they can be found on Instagram or Linkedin. Almost 90% of the marketers fail at this step make sure you don’t end up doing the same.

Pick the perfect Social Media Management Tool

There are thousands of professional social media management tools available out there. But before you buy any, make sure you check all the features of the tool and then finalise your decision.

Like for a social media marketer, a tool that can help you with automatic scheduling, robust analytics, brand monitoring would be the one you’ll ever need. Moreover, you also need to check what all tools are being easily integrated with this software. If you find all these features in a tool, I’d highly recommend you to go for it.

Monitor and Measure What Matters

It’s the most crucial part of any social media marketing campaign. While measuring don’t just see the follower count instead watch the overall engagement of the account. Quite a number of people at the start of their campaign when their profiles are still new would rather buy followers on instagram. I’m not saying you should never buy instagram followers, of course, you should, but specially at the beginning when you are starting out.

With your social management tool, you can monitor the mentions all over the web and react accordingly. Like for example, if someone has mentioned your brand name on the web, you can deal directly with that prospect. You can always experiment with the measure and monitor part of all your social media campaigns.

I hope you like this four steps on how to get your business started on social media. If you liked the article do leave a comment below.

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